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Other News Sources

Arts Organizations

  • Irish Arts Foundation
    Dedicated to providing American audiences on the West Coast with access to the very best art, music, and culture from Ireland and her Celtic Sisters.

Other Businesses

Musicians and Bands

Immigration Assistance


  • San Francisco Celtic Soccer Club
    We are a 32 year old soccer club, founded by Irish and Irish-Americans.
    We wear the green and white hoops of Glasgow Celtic.
    Our url is
  • The Genealogical Society of Ireland in Dublin  
    The site contains info. on the Society's activities, aims, membership, projects, newsletter and publications. Included on the site is the campaign to restore and refurbish the Martello Tower (1804) at Seapoint, Co. Dublin as our genealogical archive and research centre.

If you would like to suggest other sites of interest to our readership, please email us at:





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